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The modular house has a light steel structure with sandwich panels or other panels for the walls and roof. It is usually used for family living in, office, storage room, etc.
The modular house for family living in can be with one to four bedrooms, toilet room, kitchen room, sitting room, shower room according to customer's need..
The modular house can be designed according to customer¡¯s request, such as layout, wall/roof materials, decoration materials, etc. The modular house can be with or without the steel base.
1. Environmentally friendly, no waste produced
2. Flexibility when fixing doors, windows and interior partitions
3. Beautiful appearance, different colors for the walls and roof.
4. Cost saving and convenient to transport
5. Long term service life: from 20 years to 50 years.
6. Safe and stable, can withstand a grade 8 earthquake.

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