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roof glazed tile is made from Pre-painted/Galvanized Steel Sheet/coil,

it is a popular metal roofing material for both industrial and civil constructions

1 Raw materials

(1)Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet

(2)Pre galvanized steel sheet

(3)Galvalume steel sheet

(4)Pre painted galvalume steel sheet

2 Colors

Normal: Ocean blue (RAL5002); Grey white (RAL 9002)

Popular: Bright red

Special: Any other colors you request

3 Specification

Thickness: 0.2mm-0.7mm, min: 0.16mm; max: 1.5mm

Rib height: 25mm

Wave span:Depend on model you chose

Wave no.:Depend on model you chose

Effective Width: 320mm-1025mm

Length: No longer than 11800mm

4 Usage

(1)Roof (2)Wall (3)Ceiling (4)Fence

5 Applications

(1) Gymnasium (2) Warehouse (3) Hospital (4) Supermarket (5) Shelter,

(6) Commercial facilities (7) Industrial facilities


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